We manage dedicated events for our clients in many airports, stations and cruise ships worldwide. We deploy our expertise in short delays, without any geographic restriction. Our team of 400 multidisciplinary experts can set up all types of events in any activity area : well-traveling, massage, hairdressing, cares, crafts of the mouth, etc.
Thanks to high-quality data and powerful segmentation tools, we achieve all of our goals in every operation we launch. We provide our clients with accurate analysis and reporting tools that allow them to oversee in real time the smooth running of their events and its results.


You can find us in Paris, Nice, Lyon, Roma, Veneza and Florence. Pick the one you want for your next event.

Our railway stations presence is growing to offer you a new way to meet your customers.
You can for instance find us in Gare du Nord in Paris.

We also deploy our savoir-faire on the seas, for brands present on cruise ships.


Our specialised team has been trained to respond to all requests by adapting to any particularity of each interlocutor, with a sensitive and efficient approach. They demonstrate an accurate expertise concerning the whole Luxury Cosmetics Sector. Moreover, they master every gesture and every word with subtlety and precision.


Fully trained to your brand values and universe and with high-end skills about the industry, they will turn into perfect brand ambassadors.
Entirely dedicated to your brand, they will guarantee your level of sales and make your customers live a premium experience in line with your DNA and story-telling to enhance the sympathy capital of the brand.


We enroll individuals with all skills related to culinary excellence. Do you wish to create a culinary event or a barista show ? Do you want to launch your new gastronomic product, promote your best beverage or simply offer a delicious cocktail demonstration or food degustation to your customers ? Whatever you want to do, we sure can help you with it.


We made our studio of experts fully dedicated to beauty and well-travelling available for you.
Make-up wizards, beautician artists, hairstyle designers, vintage barbers or ayurvedic massage masters… Whatever you need to make people feel good, just ask us !

In flight

We aim at creating a strong bond with travelers through magical moments in Business Lounges.
We create unique experiences to allow travelers to get to know your brand in a privileged way. We can organize any kind of operation that fits your universe : make them try your jewelry, propose them makeup or massage sessions, allow them to taste your fine products or beverages …

On board

Thanks to our team of experts and our savoir-faire, we can manage your shop on cruise ships. We guarantee your customers a very high quality welcome, great and efficient advices perfectly adapted to each of them.


We partner with brands, take part to their retail strategy to transform a simple shop visit into an unforgettable multi-sensorial experience. Together, we can imagine all kind of operations and experiences for your customers. Do you want to make them laugh, make them dream, amaze them, impress them ? We make everything possible !