The 6C application was born from our desire to always improve the retail experience offered to our customers. Our goal is clear : in our boutiques, everyone should get the advice and product they want without delay. This application allows us to adapt our resources to the reality so that the 300 specialists who make up our team are always at the right place at the right time, ready to provide each client with the service he or she expects. This app also allows us to gather a lot of data to predict the behavior of the travelers and the expected attendance in each of our shops, all this in order to optimize the quality of our service.


Coordonate our teams and ressources to the schedule and trafic expected in the retail area.

measure sales

Follow, in real time, the performance of our teams.


Propose the right products at the right moment in the right place.


Offer a big amount of knowledge about airport environment and brands universes.


Anticipate the schedules based on skills and availability of the ressources.

data collect

Collect, analyse and predict all travelers comportemental datas.

6C Application is available for Apple iOs.

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